Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is my entry to the blogging world thats why i have chosen the word outset since it is the beginning.i will try to write some lines about what i have felt so far and what i am feeling due to some circumstances.This attempt is directed towards nothing but it means something, it meant a lot to me and if it does to you then this endeavor will be a success.
Every day i woke up i feel a bit downcasted.Its the same feeling when the end credit starts rolling after a good movie,similarly my eyes are the end credits and the good movie is my world of dreams which is completely overshadowed by the harse reality everyday.Here my eyes act as shutter for my two worlds,everynight i create something good in my imagination that came back to square one every morning.every day a merciless destruction of my dreams take place .Thomas edision may have said it right that there is a great value in disaster so that you can start all over again.

you might be wondering what bullshit i am writing here,what dream?? what reality??i dont feel these things??i advice not to read further because
this bullshit will continue a little further.As far back as i a can remember i always wanted to be a guy having all the worldly possessions,but there is always a big gap between what i wanted to be and what i am!!!!all good things happen in my dream like i become rich overnight,when the dawn breaks these are all gone.This makes me downcasted.To become what i want to be,i need to polish myself,need to make myself shine.Nobody gives a damn to lackluster stuff you need to make yourself shine to attract attention.Jeweller never put a unpolished jewellery in the showcase.Thats what i am trying to do polishing untill i shine.I hoping the day will come soon.Thats all i can do polish and hope.So that a day will come when my eyes see the same thing what i dreamt of!!!!hope is good thing,i can say its best of all thing....

i want to relate my case with a situation.One day a bussiness man is flying over the pacific in his private jet with his assistant and a pilot.Somehow the engine catches fire and the jet crashed in the mid of the pacific.After few days the businessman found himself lying on an isolated island without any trace of his assistant and the couldnt beleive he managed to survive on that lonely island for four years.One fineday he got frustrated and handed himself to the large merciless ocean by going inside the ocean withhis self made boat witout oars.But to the contrary a tide broke out and gave him a sail and a navy ship found him lying on a dilapidated boat.hence he is saved.Now he is sittingon his sofa with a glass of whiskey and a baked bacon,he is just contemplating that how hard is that for him to generate fire with woods in that lonely island.Without taking a single bite he is looking at that bacon.......
These incidents force himself to think he got control over nothing,most importantly he did the best thing in those four years that he continued hoping for his survival.So the only thing i can do now is to keep breathing and stay alive,who knows the next morning a tide break out and give me sail where i wanted to go.......