Monday, August 9, 2010


Recently i saw a movie named 3 idiots in which a phrase "all is well" is used throughout to ease out difficult situation.It also tells chanting all is well mantra doesn't solves the problem,it never does but it gives courage,strength to our heart to stand up and overcome any hindrance in life.
once upon a time i used to be a cynic and guy full of negativity.If you had asked me the the glass half empty or half full question i might have answered the glass to be half empty.I always used to say this is not good,this supposed to be this,how can i do it with these stuffs,why me???complaining every single time,you probably can the degree of negativity dissolved in me.But things have changed now and also i have changed how i looked things before,change is inevitable,change is the only thing which can't be changed.But for me this is not natural i have developed you cant wait for somebody to change your vision,mindset.When i was a kid i thought you see far away stuffs by wearing glasses,now i do wear one but still i cant see them.I realized you need a different vision for that, you gotta nurture it develop it.
Everybody got problems breakup with girlfriend,money scarcity,repeated unsuccessful attempts but still no job,he can't be there i deserved that,why me? the list goes on...telling these people i can understand your problem,everything gonna be alright simply will not help.I just telling just change your view angle just how you look at stuffs.
Suppose in your job a guy with same aptitude and intelligence climbing the ladder faster than you just don't burn yourself with jealousy and envy,just look at him how he is doing.Hence in English i can't do it is negative.Just change your perspective and STOP COMPLAINING.Do not get me wrong continue your complaints to municipalities,police whatever,just don't complain to god regarding your insufficiency. Thank god for what you have,be a witness to the beauty all around showing disrespect will not result in anything but pain because you are not Bruce Nolan!!
Problems will be there to be honest problems need to be there,just think of video game having no stages and no difficulty level,for how many days you will play the game.

Until this you almost discovered that i have a dark side.It doesn't matter everybody have no matter how cheerful or jolly they are.One day we are discussing about human behavior finally we found out everybody have a darker side,some express some cover it with happy-go-lucky nature.That day my friend said to me that whenever he buy a new book he always read the last page first.That way,in case he die before he finish the book at least he could know how the book ends,that's my friend is dark side.Today if you ask the glass half empty or glass half full question i may tell its just the wrong size,you just never have to be positive or negative just develop your own perspective of experiencing stuff.

If any these lines have help a little bit towards conveying the message what i am trying to say then its good, if not then this paragraph is last attempt.Ever thought of death, then listen to this..
"I had always heard your entire life flashes the second you die,first of all that second isn't a second at all,it stretches on forever,like an ocean of time...for me it was my first crush,being a witness to scintillating beauty of Kashmir valley,watching falling stars and yellow leaves or my grandmother's skin and the way her skin seemed like paper,my parents faces when my brother was born.But i guess i could be pretty pissed what has happened or happening to me now.But its hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world.Sometimes i feel like i am seeing all at once,and its too much,my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst...then i remember to relax and stop trying hold on it,and then it flows through me like rain and i can't feel but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid life.
So for god sake stop complaining try to be happy whatever you have i know being happy and trying to be happy are different but in either ways the outcome is same.I know problems will be there and i am doing the easiest part!!! advising.I have a job in one of the most remote and interior place which is completely isolated to the outer world.Whenever i feel a little blue then will try to read this page so that,if nobody then at least i could avoid doing what i am trying to tell you guys.
To be honest i feel like i have been in coma for past 23 years and i am just now waking up.You have no idea what i am talking about right but believe me

SOMEDAY YOU WILL..........................